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Make your 4th of July a safe and happy one!

Fireworks on July 4th, at Gasworks Park

This 4th of July, the Seattle Fire Department recommends attending one of the many public fireworks displays near you to celebrate the holiday.

Why? Last year, there were 262 fireworks injuries, up 11 percent from the previous 10-year average in the state of Washington.

In Seattle, one of those injuries was a 15-year old teenager who experienced pain and swelling of her tongue and lips and a broken tooth from a ground bloom flower consumer firework when it hit her in the face. Most fireworks injuries involve even more serious consequences, including loss of fingers or hands or head injuries that require hospitalization.

Nationally, over a third of people hospitalized for fireworks in 2017 were under the age of 15, with sparklers accounting for roughly one-quarter of emergency room fireworks injuries. (NFPA statistics) Did you know the tip of a sparkler burns at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to cause third degree burns?

In addition to fireworks injuries, your Seattle firefighters responded to 68 fireworks related incidents last year, from July 3rd to July 5th resulting in 55 fires.

Please be safe and legal this 4th by not using consumer fireworks! We are sincere that we do not want to see you, your child or friend in the emergency room this holiday.