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Water rescue response on Harbor Island

SEATTLE – At 8:42 a.m. on Aug. 13, 2018, the Fire Alarm Center received a call about two people in distress in the water near Harbor Island. When crews arrived on scene, they received reports that a man had seen a person in the water in need of medical assistance, and jumped in to help him. Firefighters later learned that the man who jumped in to rescue the patient is a worker at Terminal 18. The patient was working on a cargo ship, and the circumstances which led to him being in the water are unknown to the fire department.

Prior to the arrival of Seattle Fire crews, a private boat picked up the two individuals, and Terminal 18 crews used a crane to hoist them on to the shore. Medics immediately began life saving efforts and transported the patient in critical condition to Harborview Medical Center. The patient is estimated to be approximately 30-years-old.

The Seattle Fire Department extends our appreciation to the man who jumped in to save the patient, and to the private boat owners for stopping to help. If it weren’t for their coordinated life-saving efforts, the outcome may have been different.