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SEATTLE – On April 3, 2019, the Seattle Fire Department held a promotional ceremony at Headquarters to appoint five members to new positions. The event was hosted by Fire Chief Harold Scoggins. The following employees were promoted:

  • Captain – Kevin Flanagan
  • Lieutenant – Amina Bakke
  • Lieutenant – Pierre Gauleiler
  • Lieutenant – Matthew Reilly
  • Lieutenant – Christianson Dockter

Chief Scoggins also welcomed 8 new civilian employees:

  • Daniel Flores, Permit Tech Supervisor
  • Jesica DiCione, Actg Tech III, Payroll
  • Erik Bennigson, Sr. MSA
  • Peter Otusanya, Actg Tech II, Payroll
  • Ann-Maree Tedaldi, Occupational Health and Fitness Coordinator
  • Will Mak, Actg Tech II, Payroll
  • Kevin Korver, Fire Prevention Engineer
  • Melisa Fan, Actg Tech II, A/P

In addition to promotions, the Fire Chief commended The Public Affairs Office and Services Division for their excellent work during the historic snow storm earlier this year.

Congratulations to all!