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Fire Prevention Month: Shut the Door on Fires

Smoke alarms are recognized as the most important fire safety device you can have in your home. But did you know that adding one step to your bedtime routine could also help save lives?

“Shut the door.”

These three words are increasingly seen as an important life safety and firefighting strategy.

Recent fire research shows that closed doors can reduce the spread of smoke, flames, high temperatures and toxic gases from a fire. Closing bedroom doors before going to sleep can give your family members precious time to find an alternative escape route or wait for rescue.

Fires can also start in a bedroom. That’s why it’s recommended to install a smoke alarm in every bedroom and the adjacent hallway. Having alarms in multiple areas will increase the chance of hearing the alarm and safely exiting.

Follow these tips to protect your family:

  1. Install smoke alarms in each bedroom and in the hallway outside
  2. Make and practice an escape plan (information here)
  3. Close your bedroom doors before you go to sleep, if you can

One other note: closed doors also limit the amount of oxygen a fire uses, thereby slowing its spread and potentially limiting property damage. It is recommended that – if you can do so safely – close the doors you pass through when evacuating a burning structure.

Free smoke alarms from Seattle Fire

Seattle Fire Department will install free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for qualified homeowners in City limits who are: residents of the city AND identify as a senior, or live on a low income or have a disability.

Seattle residents with a hearing impairment may qualify for a free strobe smoke alarm. Visit this webpage or call 206-386-1337 to learn more.