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Keeping safe and warm in wintery conditions

Snow makes for a pretty landscape, and following these tips will help you stay safe and warm during this upcoming freezing spell.

In the home

Give heaters plenty of space
• Keep flammable items one-foot from baseboard heaters and three-feet from portable space heaters and wood and gas fireplaces.

Manage heaters and chimneys
• Plug portable heaters directly into an outlet. Never use an extension cord.
• Turn portable heaters off before leaving the room or going to bed.
• Cover wood and gas fireplaces with a safety screen to prevent sparks from entering the room and children from touching the glass front of a gas fireplace.
• Make sure chimneys are cleaned and clear.
• Clean or replace the filter on your furnace if you haven’t already!

Use ovens, stoves for cooking only
• Your oven is designed for cooking only, NOT heating.
• Never use a gas stovetop or oven to heat your home. Using them improperly can lead to burns or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.
Put a freeze on winter fires.

On the road
When possible, delay driving during or after a winter storm. If you do need to drive in the snow, here are some tips for being safe and prepared.

• Have an emergency kit, including a flashlight, first aid kit (including any necessary medications), water, food, emergency contact information, blanket or sleeping bag, extra warm clothes, jumper cables and mobile phone charger.
• Keep an ice scraper/brush and small snow shovel in your vehicle. In addition, roof tiles, sand or kitty litter can help gain tire traction if your car slides off the main road. Emergency flares will help alert others regarding your situation.
• Tire chains and four-wheel drive are recommended for traveling in the snow. Icy conditions are treacherous for any vehicle.

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