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Stay alert when cooking meals at home

Be alert when cooking and don’t leave cooking unattended.

With greater numbers of people not eating out and cooking meals at home, it’s a good time to review and practice cooking safety. Unattended cooking is the main cause of home fires.

Please consider taking these precautions before and after using the stove and oven.

  • Never leave the kitchen when frying, broiling or grilling food. If you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the stove or set a timer to remind you to check on the food.
  • Keep all things that can catch fire away from the stovetop – oven mitts, towels, papers, food packaging, cooking utensils and groceries.
  • Never use the stovetop as a counter or the oven to store items including pots and pans.
  • Keep a lid or cookie sheet nearby when cooking with oil or grease in case a small fire starts.

If there is a fire:

  • If a fire occurs in a pan on the stove, slide the lid over the pan to smother the fire. Turn off the stove and leave the pan covered until it completely cools.
  • If the fire is large or has spread to other items, get out quickly. If possible, close the door behind you as you leave to keep fire from spreading to other rooms.
  • Call 9-1-1 after you’ve left the house or building.

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