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This Memorial Day – Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Whole!

The global pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, including our ability to celebrate traditional holidays with family and friends. With summer around the corner and the Stay Home order still limiting community gatherings, no fireworks displays are planned along South Lake Union or Gasworks Park in 2020. 

While it’s tempting to make up the difference and try your own fireworks, it’s both illegal and dangerous. Summer fireworks cause more injuries in the shortest time frame than any other part of the year. This month, we’ve already responded to fires and serious injuries caused by fireworks. 

Handful of sparklers
Sparklers burn in excess of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and are the most common fireworks related injury for children under five.

Last year, Harborview reported a total of 44 fireworks-related injuries in just a week. Many were to the face and eye. Seven people suffered either partial or complete amputations, ranging from loss of fingers to an entire hand, and 20 were injured severely enough to be admitted to the hospital. Sadly, this level of injury is not deemed unusual for this time of year. 

Don’t become a statistic! Save your face, eyes, fingers and hands. The risk of losing a limb or permanent disability is not worth the short-sighted thrill of setting off illegal fireworks. Your pets, neighbors and first responders thank you for making the right choice not to use fireworks, especially this year, when so many are at home just trying to stay safe.