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Fire Prevention Month: Cooking Safety

October is Fire Prevention Month and the Seattle Fire Department is publishing weekly tips on their Fireline Blog and social media to inform and promote fire safety. Fall signals the beginning of cold, rainy weather and shorter days which prompts Seattle residents to close their windows, wear warmer clothes and dust off their portable heaters. As a result, Seattle Fire wants to ensure everyone’s safety — starting in the kitchen.

Most home fires start in the kitchen when a person starts cooking and forgets about the food on the stove.  It is easy to get distracted by a person, a phone call or an electronic device. A fire can start in seconds.

How to be safe:

  1. Stay in the kitchen when cooking with oil or grease
  2. Always use a timer when cooking to remind you that the stove is on
  3. Keep the stove area clean
  4. Keep a lid near the stove in case of fire
    • Never pour water on a grease or oil fire
    • The best way to put out a small pan fire is to slide a lid over the pot or pan.
    • Turn the burner off
    • Do not try to move a burning pan.
    • Remove the lid only after the fire is out and cooled off.