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Apartment fire in Capitol Hill neighborhood results in 2 residents and 1 firefighter injured

SEATTLE, Feb. 15 — At 11:33 a.m., our Fire Alarm Center received multiple reports of a fire in a 4th floor apartment unit on the 500 Block of Boylston Ave. E.. Engine 25 and Ladder 10 were the first units on scene and reported two people were sitting on window ledges from a 4th floor unit adjacent to the fire room. Crews from Ladder 10 hoisted a ladder up to rescue them. Both did not report any injuries.

Engine 25 reported smoke in the 3rd floor stairwell as they made their way up to the 4th. The 4th floor hallway contained heavy smoke and crews helped evacuate an approx. 30 year-old-male from fire room along with an approx. 20 year-old-female in a nearby unit—both are in stable condition and were transported to a hospital for further medical care. Firefighters then entered the fire room to pour water on the fire while conducting a primary search of all impacted units. No additional people required evacuation while firefighters advised several residents to shelter-in-place and close their hallway doors to prevent further smoke from entering their unit.

Crews quickly extinguished the fire and confirmed no extension into other units. Then they proceeded to check with the residents that were advised to shelter in place. One resident (70 year-old-male) requested a medical evaluation and paramedics confirmed he sustained no injuries.

One firefighter sustained minor injuries. A total of 60 SFD personnel consisting of five Fire Engines, three Ladder Trucks and ten support units responded to the incident. The incident is under investigation.

Updated Feb. 15: Fire investigators determined the incident was accidental and caused by unoccupied food-on-stove. Estimated damage is $70,000.