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Join the 10K+ Ready to Save Lives with PulsePoint

Download the PulsePoint app today – you or your loved ones lives may depend on it someday.

If you or a loved one suffer sudden cardiac arrest, early CPR can be key to survival and recovery. Fire Chief Harold Scoggins explains how here:

In 2016, Seattle Fire Department was the first in King County to partner with PulsePoint, an app anyone can download to their phone, to receive alerts that someone around them may need live-saving CPR.

Today, more than 10,000 people in the Seattle area have self-identified as volunteer citizen CPR responders, ready to respond when their phone alerts them that someone may need their help.
Seattle area map of 10k PulsePoint app users
Responders are located mostly in Seattle, but some are in nearby communities at all times. Seattle has long been known as the “best place to have a heart attack” because of the high level of CPR training ordinary people receive, and their willingness to help when needed. The PulsePoint technology just makes it that much easier to get help on the way.

How it works:
1. Go to your App Store.
2. Search for “PulsePoint”
3. Download the free app.
4. Agree to receive alerts when nearby CPR is needed.
5. You’re ready to save lives!