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April 2022 Promotional Ceremony

SEATTLE – Fire Chief Harold Scoggins held a promotional ceremony on April 7 at Fire Station 10 to promote 40 members to new ranks in the department and welcome new employees. Congratulations to all as they step into their new leadership role.

Professional staff new hires:

  • Veronica Qualls, Accounting Tech III (Finance)
  • Akida Dawson, Accounting Tech II (Finance)
  • Jennifer Kann, Permit Tech (Fire Prevention)
  • Sarah Lee, Human Resources Director
  • Jenna Ness, Admin Specialist II (Fire Prevention)
  • Kristin Cox, Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Jessica Cheney, Admin Specialist I (Fire Prevention)
  • Jennifer Lopez, Quality Assurance Coordinator (Fire Alarm Center)

Professional staff promotions:

  • Shaun Cole to Admin Staff Assistant
  • Tracy Bunker to Admin Specialist III
  • Dan Flores to Sr. Management Systems Analyst
  • Shawn Shepherd to Supervisor Fire Protection Engineer

Firefighter/EMT promotion (from probationary rank):

  • Firefighter Webster Farris
  • Firefighter Cade Thompson (not present at ceremony)

Lieutenant promotions:

  • Lieutenant Mike Rogers
  • Lieutenant Dustin Knutson
  • Lieutenant Jesse Radomski
  • Lieutenant Tyler Renner
  • Lieutenant Gregory Caven
  • Lieutenant Samuel Gage
  • Lieutenant Andrew Bolton
  • Lieutenant Landon Lopez
  • Lieutenant Mark Ochman
  • Lieutenant Anthony Savelli
  • Lieutenant Jesse Sears
  • Lieutenant Michael Boxley
  • Lieutenant TraVaughn Cobbs
  • Lieutenant Aaron Patterson
  • Lieutenant Tien Tran
  • Lieutenant Kawika Jarman
  • Lieutenant Ryan Klang (not present)
  • Lieutenant Michael Yates (not present)
  • Lieutenant Mark Chapa (not present)
  • Lieutenant Christopher Stone (not present)

Fireboat Engineer promotion:

  • Fireboat Engineer Brian Bauer

Captain promotions:

  • Captain Ian Bennett
  • Captain Heidi Jindrich
  • Captain Jason Corlett
  • Captain Joshua Pearson
  • Captain Dabryn Jee (not present)
  • Captain Dietrich Hauge (not present)
  • Captain Nicholas Fleming (not present)

Battalion Chief promotions:

  • Battalion Chief Shata Stephenson
  • Battalion Chief Charles Sasse
  • Battalion Chief Tracy Franks

Deputy Chief promotions:

  • Deputy Chief Eddie Nelson
  • Deputy Chief Amy Bannister
  • Deputy Chief Debra Sutey