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Fire safety during dry, sunny days

Every summer beginning in July, the number of fires related to warmer weather increases. In the past week, we responded to over 30 dry weather-related fires involving bark, dry grass and shrubs.

Carelessly discarded smoking materials and lit fireworks can cause significant damage an put residents and responding firefighters at risk. Fireworks caused a major fire in West Seattle on July 4 that caused over $100,000 in damages.

Here are steps to help reduce the chance outdoor fires:

Discard smoking materials in metal container
  • Discourage friends and family members from lighting fireworks.
  • Douse smoking materials in water before tossing out. Make sure proper cigarette disposal canisters are available in areas where smoking is allowed.
  • Remove long grass, weeds or anything that can burn from around homes. This includes limbs that touch buildings or hang near the roof.
  • Remove dead plants or bushes as soon as possible.
  • Clear roof and gutters of pine needles and leaves
Clear leaves and twigs from gutters and roof tops