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2019 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our 2019 annual report. Download the document to find statistics about our response standards, number of EMS and fire incidents, significant events and community engagement. The report also gives insight into the initiatives and activities that allow us to sharpen our skills and mindset in how we serve this great city.

Around 2,000 residents called Seattle “home” when it incorporated in 1869. In 2019, as we celebrated the city’s 150th birthday, that number had grown to 750,000 residents, with daytime population swelling to nearly 1 million. The region’s strong economic growth in the last half of the decade has physically reshaped our city’s skyline. This drives a greater demand for building inspections by the fire department, requires us to adapt our firefighting strategies for high rise structures and even challenges our ability to navigate congested and construction-narrowed streets.

In 2019, Seattle Fire:

  • Responded to 91,716 incidents. Of those, 20 percent were for fires and 80 percent for emergency medical support.
  • Delivered approximately 975,000 chest compressions while attending to 469 sudden cardiac arrest patients.
  • Conducted more than 34,000 building inspections.
  • Welcomed 43 new firefighters who successfully completed one of two recruit schools.
  • Launched the Health One unit to more appropriately assist 9-1-1 callers needing help with social services, behavioral issues and minor medical concerns.
  • Established an executive leadership development program for the fire service with the University of Washington Foster School of Business.
  • Partnered with the Red Cross to install free smoke/carbon monoxide alarms for qualified households.
  • Celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Great Seattle Fire and subsequent establishment of the Seattle Fire Department in 1889.

It’s not just the physical infrastructure changing. Our neighborhoods and people we serve are as well. Sadly, more and more members of the community struggle with homelessness, addiction and mental health issues, leading us to seek new approaches to offer assistance and more collaboration between the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Amidst the rapidly changing environment, our personnel remain nimble, creative and resilient. When presented with a problem, we work to find solutions. This is why we are so proud of each member of the Seattle Fire Department and hope you enjoy this look back at all we accomplished in 2019.