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What’s on Your Holiday Safety Wish List?

#1 – Distribution of effective COVID-19 vaccine for all
#2 – Increased health and safety in 2021
#3 – Safe return and resumption of our educational and economic systems

Not your typical stocking stuffers, that’s for sure.

There is still much to determine when it comes to this wish list, but one thing is clear. Keeping the safety of family, friends and loved ones this holiday season is still top of mind.

As our lives and technology continue to evolve, consider gifts that can make life a little easier, but more importantly, safer:

Portable power sticks make great stocking stuffers!

UV light phone sanitizers/chargers – Perfect stocking stuffer for 2020. It has never been more important to keep germs at bay, especially on the devices we rely on daily.
Solar-powered chargers and portable power devices – Stay connected at all times. This can be critical, especially when the power goes out.
Emergency car battery chargers – Jump starting a dead car battery has joined the technology revolution. Look for one that is appropriate for your vehicle, engine size and fuel type.
Portable CO alarms – RV campers never leave home with this – the same applies to travelers of every mode. When travel restarts, consider adding a carbon monoxide alarm to your luggage. Hotels and inns are great about maintaining smoke alarms, but CO alarms sometimes get overlooked. Sleep soundly, knowing your room is protected from this odorless, colorless gas.

Give your favorite traveler a portable CO alarm for their suitcase.

Pet first aid kit – Don’t forget to include your four-legged family members! Here is a list of must-have items from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Non-tech stocking stuffers include:
• A new supply of disposable masks.
• Fun, multi-layered face coverings with filter options.

Add a little personality to your hand sanitizer!

• Novelty hand sanitizer dispensers – available in your favorite character, animal or shape!

No matter what you choose, thoughtful gifts can bring joy and peace of mind to those who mean the most to you. Here’s to better days ahead for all in 2021.