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2-alarm fire on Aurora Ave. N.

SEATTLE – Just after 12:30 p.m. on April 21, Engine 31 was driving through the neighborhood when they noticed black smoke coming from a structure at the 10700 Block of Aurora Ave. N. When crews arrived on scene they observed the fire had quickly taken off and spread throughout the structure, and called for a defensive fire attack. Shortly after, the fire response was upgraded to a 2-alarm to bring in additional firefighting resources from across the City.

Crews applied water on the fire from above with three ladder pipe streams and multiple handlines from the street level. With the advanced stage of the fire, it was too dangerous to send firefighters inside the building, so they continued to apply water from the exterior. The owner of the property stated there were multiple vehicles inside of the metal-framed structure and some propane tanks, which resulted in small explosions throughout the fire fight. Approximately 80% of the roof had burned through, causing structural instability.

No one was inside of the structure at the time the fire broke out, and there were no reported injuries to firefighters. A building to the north and to the south were in close proximity to the fire building, and some smoke escaped into those structures with some accompanying minimal fire damage.

Traffic on Aurora Avenue North was heavily impacted while responding apparatus worked to extinguish the flames. The building will be put on ‘fire watch’ with an engine company posted at the site throughout at least the evening hours to prevent the fire from reigniting.

Fire investigators responded to the scene and have begun their investigation into the cause. Updates on the investigation will be posted here once available.

4/22 UPDATE: Due to structural instability, fire investigators were unable to enter the building to determine a cause and have ruled the fire as “undetermined”. Total estimated loss is $230,000.