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Fire Prevention Month Tip: Cooking Safety

Be alert when cooking, don’t leave cooking unattended and cover small pan fires with a lid.

Let’s Talk Cooking! This week we are highlighting the leading cause of home fires: UNATTENDED COOKING.

Most home fires start in the kitchen when a person starts cooking and forgets about the food on the stove.  It is easy to get distracted by a person, another task, a phone call or an electronic device.

Please consider the following cooking safety tips before you cook your next meal:

  • Stay Put – stay in the kitchen when cooking
  • Use a Timer – always use a timer when cooking to remind you that the stove is on
  • Clean Up – keep the stove area clean and free of flammable objects
  • Use Lids and Covers – keep a lid or cookie sheet near the stove in case of fire
Severely damaged kitchen after a stove fire

If there is a fire:

  • Never pour water on a grease or oil fire
  • The best way to put out a small pan fire:
    • Slide a lid or cookie sheet over the pot or pan
    • Turn the burner off
    • Do not move a burning pan
    • Remove the lid only after the fire is out and the pan is cooled off
  • If the fire is large and/or has spread to other items, get out quickly and if possible, close the door behind to prevent fire from spreading to other rooms
  • Call 9-1-1 after you’ve left the house or building

Thank you for tuning in to our 2021 Fire Prevention Month safety tips! We have so much more to share, so continue to visit us frequently and stay tuned for new fire and life safety videos in multiple languages and American Sign Language: HERE

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