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November 2022 Promotional Ceremony

SEATTLE – Fire Chief Harold Scoggins held a promotional ceremony on Nov. 17 at Fire Station 10 to promote members to new ranks in the department and welcome new employees. Congratulations to all as they step into their new leadership roles.

Professional staff new hires:

  • Jae Yu, Fire Protection Engineer (Fire Prevention Division)
  • Lauren Foster, Administrative Specialist 3 (Fire Prevention Division)
  • Manny Romero, Occupational Health Coordinator (Human Resources)
  • Margie Viall, Grants Manager (Finance)
  • Mark Chubb, Fire Protection Engineer (Fire Prevention Division)
  • Rafi Ahmadullah, Fire Protection Engineer (Fire Prevention Division)

Professional staff promotions:

  • Mayisha Allen, Administrative Assistant of Operations (Operations Division)
  • Ashanti Proctor, Administrative Specialist 3 (Operations)
  • Iris Dawson, Sr. Permit Technician (Fire Prevention Division)
  • Jenifer Lopez, Administrative Assistant of Training (Training Division)

Lieutenant promotions:

  • Lieutenant Jason DeBruler
  • Lieutenant Aaron Fields
  • Lieutenant Michael Edmondson
  • Lieutenant Isaac Rivera
  • Lieutenant Brian O’Brien
  • Lieutenant Leonardo Castenada
  • Lieutenant Tucker Lazare

Captain promotions:

  • Captain Ryan Skedd
  • Captain Robert Hofland
  • Captain Noah Katka

Battalion Chief promotions:

  • Battalion Chief John Wolfork
  • Battalion Chief Stephen Baer
  • Battalion Chief Mathew Talbot
Uniform member promotions