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Lithium-ion battery safety tips

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are commonly used in home electronics such as phones, laptop computers, tablets, e-scooters and other devices that require plug in charging. These batteries are small and powerful but when used incorrectly, they can overheat, catch fire, or explode. Fire agencies in King County continue to respond to fires caused by lithium-ion batteries.  

How to be safe: 

  • Only use chargers and cables that are compatible with and came with the device – an incompatible charger can cause the device to overheat 
  • Do not charge a device while sleeping 
  • Do not charge a device under pillows or bedding or on top of beds and sofas 
  • Do not continue to charge the battery once it is fully charged  
  • Do not charge near your primary exit  
  • Keep batteries at room temperature and away from heat or direct sunlight 
  • Stop using your device if the battery shows signs of damage, such as an unusual odor or change in color.   
  • Purchase batteries and devices that have been certified by UL or another independent safety testing agency 

Stop using the device/battery if:

  • You notice an odor
  • There is change in color or shape
  • Too much heat
  • Leaking or odd noises

If any of the above happens and you feel in danger, move the device away from all items and call 9-1-1.

Recycle, don’t trash

Lithium-ion batteries should only be recycled at an electronic recycling center and never thrown into the trash. Recycling centers in King County

More information about lithium-ion battery safety: