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Tree lights start fire in Seattle – how to be safe

Over the weekend, Christmas tree lights started a home fire in Seattle causing over $100,000 in damage. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when the fire department responds to more fires involving decorative lights. Be mindful of festive lights this month and take a few steps to ensure your… [ Keep reading ]

Use your fireplace safely

With the sudden arrival of fall and cooler weather, fireplaces are being put to greater use. Whether you use a gas or wood-burning fireplace, keep these tips in mind to ensure safety at home. Before using: Make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed on the same level as… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Council and Mayor approve funding for permanent operation of Ladder 13 and Medic 26 

SEATTLE – On Nov. 28, the Seattle City Council adopted the 2023 and endorsed the 2024 budget, which included funding to support the permanent operation of Ladder 13 and Medic 26. The two units were initially put in place in 2020 after the West Seattle Bridge closed for repairs; however,… [ Keep reading ]

Heating fire safety tips for the start of winter

Home heaters are working extra hard with the cold weather we are experiencing. Heating-related fires are the second most common type of fires this time of year. As a reminder, make sure to give your heaters space and consider taking these precautions to prevent heating-related fires in your home. Give… [ Keep reading ]

Holiday cooking safety

Fall is here and holiday prep is in full swing! If you are planning for Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or another celebration, please keep our safety information and tips in mind. We want you to enjoy your holidays and be safe while cooking with family and children. While cooking is the number… [ Keep reading ]

Holiday Cooking Safety – Frying a Turkey

Most people who enjoy turkey over the holidays will spend several hours prepping and roasting their bird in the oven. However, other less traditional ways of preparing turkey, such as deep-frying, continue to gain popularity. Even though outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers cook turkeys in a fraction of the time it… [ Keep reading ]

What to do if you witness someone choking on food

How to respond to someone choking If someone appears to have food lodged in their throat and is coughing, encourage them to continue coughing. Do not try to help by slapping their back. If they are coughing, that means that air is getting through. However, if the person shows signs of… [ Keep reading ]

November 2022 Promotional Ceremony

SEATTLE – Fire Chief Harold Scoggins held a promotional ceremony on Nov. 17 at Fire Station 10 to promote members to new ranks in the department and welcome new employees. Congratulations to all as they step into their new leadership roles. Professional staff new hires: Jae Yu, Fire Protection Engineer… [ Keep reading ]

Candles & Incense – Staying Safe this Holiday!

The Dangers of Burning Candles and Incense According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) from 2015-2019 U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 7,400 home structure fires that were started by candles per year. These fires caused an annual average of 90 deaths, 670 injuries and $291 million in… [ Keep reading ]

Box truck hits North Seattle home

SEATTLE – On Nov. 7 just after 10:30 a.m., Seattle firefighters responded to N. 85th St. and Wallingford Ave. N. for a box truck carrying flooring material that ran into a home, causing extensive damage. Engine 16 arrived first on scene and learned from the passenger of the box truck… [ Keep reading ]