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Seattle Fire’s 2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to share the Seattle Fire Department’s annual report for 2020. Please take a few moments to scroll through and share with your friends and neighbors. Looking back upon one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes, Seattle Fire: • Responded to 80,316 incidents. Of those, approximately… [ Keep reading ]

Hands-only CPR during COVID-19

Knowing how to perform hands-only CPR can save a life. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should know that the risk of contagion is low. According to the Seattle Fire Department Medical Director, Dr. Michael Sayre, “performing Hands-Only CPR is essential to help buy precious time for help to arrive…. [ Keep reading ]

Thanks to our heroes in healthcare

Today, April 7, is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) birthday. Since 1948, when the organization first came into being, it has marked this day as World Health Day. Rightly, the day has been cause for celebration of the many advances the world has made in global health.  This year, as we face the most severe health crisis of our time, with… [ Keep reading ]

What to do if you or a loved one are diagnosed with COVID-19

Most people who get sick with COVID-19 will have a mild illness and should recover at home. Care at home can help stop the spread of the coronavirus and protect people who are at risk of getting seriously ill. Here are a few tips on how to prevent the spread… [ Keep reading ]