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Hands-only CPR during COVID-19

Knowing how to perform hands-only CPR can save a life. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should know that the risk of contagion is low. According to the Seattle Fire Department Medical Director, Dr. Michael Sayre, “performing Hands-Only CPR is essential to help buy precious time for help to arrive…. [ Keep reading ]

How to safely store oily rags

Oils commonly used in oil-based paints, stains and varnishes release heat as they dry. A pile of oily rags can be dangerous because as they dry, the heat is trapped and builds up to potentially cause a fire. Here are a few safety tips for storing wet, oily rags: Never… [ Keep reading ]

Intentionally set fires in Rainier Ave. S. and Beacon Hill vicinity

The Seattle Fire Department and Police Department have recently seen an uptick in intentionally set fires in the Rainier Ave. S. and Beacon Hill vicinity. Most of the fires have occurred in dumpster receptacles and recycling bins, at construction sites, at businesses and sometimes residences. On Aug 20, the fire… [ Keep reading ]

Crews battle 3-alarm fire in north Beacon Hill

UPDATE 8/20 at 5 p.m.: Fire investigators have ruled the fire “incendiary” (intentionally set), and the total estimated loss is approximately $5 million. SEATTLE – The Fire Alarm Center received a call at 5:42 a.m. with a report of a fire at a new construction site at the 1000 Block… [ Keep reading ]

Boating Safety Tips

Sunday, August 9: Sadly, we had two water responses that evening that did not have a good outcome. Just after 5:30 p.m., we received reports of an adult male who was swimming and went under near the 5000 block of Lake Washington Blvd. S. Divers, rescue swimmers and response boats… [ Keep reading ]

Is your home or building scheduled for demolition?

Consider donating it to the Seattle Fire Department for training. The Seattle Fire Department is always training to ensure the safety of both the community that we serve and our own members. We accept suitable buildings to use for “destructive training”. This provides our firefighters with a real building to… [ Keep reading ]

August Promotion Ceremony

Today, we celebrated the promotions of six lieutenants (three not present), two captains and one battalion chief at our Joint Training Facility. In compliance with social distancing guidelines, we held a live stream for families and colleagues to join in the celebration. Congratulations!

Summer meltdown – don’t leave kids or pets in the car

Annual Mishap Causes Anguish for Families This year, as we live through the stress and momentous change of an historic global pandemic, summer’s warm, sunny days gives us a chance to physically and emotionally lighten up. It’s the perfect time to spend time in the sunshine – albeit with sunscreen,… [ Keep reading ]